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Lets work together!
 I offer a wide range of services aimed at supporting you how YOU want to be supported. The services listed below can be customized to fit your needs, so please
reach out today!
**I am not offering in-person birth support to new clients at this time.**

Custom Birth Plan Design

Young Couple Expecting

Let me help you design your dream birth!


We'll work together to come up with a comprehensive list of your birth preferences to share with your care provider.

Starting at $60

 Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Support Package


Are you interested in prenatal and postpartum support from a doula, but there are none in your area or you're just not looking for in-person birth support? This is the package for you! Over the course of your pregnancy and postpartum period, we'll stay in touch for support, encouragement and vital information to make this transformational experience that much better!

•    Two prenatal visits offered virtually, 1-5-2 hours in length

•    2 hours of virtual collaboration dedicated to developing your birth preferences

•    Unlimited call/text/email communication before, and up to 3 months after the birth

•    Use of TENS Unit (local Madison clients)

•    One virtual postpartum visit, 1.5-2 hours in length

•   One free copy each of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn and The Birth Partner delivered to your home

•   Access to Lending Library (local Madison clients)

•   Invitation to Madison Doula Collective's monthly Group Prenatals (local Madison clients)


TENS Unit Rental


Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units are a fantastic, non-drug option for pain relief during labor. TENS units have been wildly popular in the UK, Australia and other European countries and have helped countless people achieve an unmedicated birth.


They work by sending mild electrical pulses from where you apply the electrodes (pads), through your skin, to your brain. These electrical pulses act to distract your brain from the discomfort of your labor by giving your body something else to sense. For more information on how TENS units work, check out this post from Evidence Based Birth.

​If you are interested in using a TENS unit for labor, you must inform your care provider and discuss any conditions you have that would be affected by its use.  You may not use a TENS unit if you have a cardiac pacemaker, have been diagnosed with heart disease or epilepsy, or if you have injured/inflamed skin, a rash or an eczema/psoriasis flare up where the electrodes would be applied.


Due to the nature of this device, electrodes must be removed and the unit must be turned off prior to getting in or around water. Lastly, you must be 37 weeks or greater to use TENS unit unless your provider states otherwise.

Your rental will be available starting at 38 weeks and will include: 1 Elle TENS unit, 1 unopened package containing 4 electrodes, 3 lead wires (1 spare), 2 AA batteries inside the unit and 2 spare AA batteries, 1 neck cord, 1 instruction manual, 1 quick-start guide, A Woman’s Guide to Drug-Free Pain Relief (booklet), and 1 carrying pouch.

Included in all Birth Packages!

For non-clients: $60, plus $50 deposit which will be refunded upon the successful return of the unit.

Looking for Childbirth Education?

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