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What my clients are saying...

Katie is so knowledgeable and helpful!! She was always available to help and has so many helpful tips and resources. And is a very kind and thoughtful person, easy to get along with and work with. Would strongly recommend her to anyone considering using a doula!



Katie was an absolute delight to work with through a very stressful birth. I was high risk, plus dealing with COVID restrictions and Katie was a calm and knowledgeable guide through everything. She was open to everything I brought up and was incredibly helpful with suggestions and resources. She even tailored her tools to my learning style. It felt like having a best friend with me every step of the way, I wouldn't do birth again without her!


I can't express how wonderful this service was to my daughter. I was fortunate enough to be present at one meeting before the birth of my grandson and one session after his birth. Thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughter.


Katie was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. Beforehand, she helped put our minds at ease and assisted in making key decisions (many of which we hadn't even considered) regarding our birth plan. During the actual birth, Katie was exactly as present as you'd hope - available and helpful without being overbearing. She assisted me, in particular, with ways to support my wife. She helped us take the time to make difficult decisions as needed. Once we were back home, she checked in, organized incredible meal plans, and for a couple hours, just held our baby so my wife could get some sleep. We highly recommend!


Katie has both a calm and energizing presence. She brought so much warmth and nurturing into the room, and made the patient, family, and even me (as a nurse) feel like we were all wrapped in a warm blanket of safety. That, to me, is the essence of what a doula is, and Katie is amazing!

-Local Nurse

Katie was a tremendous help before, during, and after labor. She provided practical support such as resources to read related to my concerns about birth ahead of time, a birth preferences document, positioning during birth, and how to use my breast pump and Moby wrap after birth. More importantly, Katie was a comforting and supportive presence during birth. Seeing her at the hospital with us put me at ease and she immediately jumped in to help with everything from setting up a warm and calm environment in our room to reminding me to relax my body between pushes. I didn’t have an easy labor, and pushed for several hours before having to decide on a forceps assisted birth. She saw that my husband and I needed time and space and told us it was okay to kick everyone out for a minute. I needed that time with my husband and it was all thanks to her that we got it. In addition to all she did for me, her presence helped my husband figure out the best ways to support me. The two of them were the calming, comforting, and caring team I needed during labor. ❤️❤️❤️


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