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Parent Baby Group

Becoming a parent is life changing. 


It can feel blissful, intimidating, easy, and hard.  Connie Lambeth, Rabsaris Arreaza and Katie Rice (three trained and experienced doulas), facilitate a weekly parent-baby group open to the public and available to anyone parenting a baby under 2yrs. 

Parent & Baby Group will be held on Google Meet in the colder months and outside (location TBD) in the warmer months. 


About the group

-   We meet every Tuesday from 10-11 am. You can sign up HERE.

-   There is a $10 suggested donation.

-   Early Parenting groups support new families in connecting and finding community as they navigate the transition to parenthood.

-  This group is open to all parents of any gender identity.  We welcome all parents, honoring their experiences, identities, and voices through a culture of belonging and acceptance.

-  We believe that human connection is at the heart of meaningful parent support. Through shared experience, parents know they are not alone.

-  Here we share our stories, ask hard questions, reminisce about the joys, and maybe (most likely) cry a little.  We show up and speak up with humility, vulnerability, humor, and strength.

Parents with Newborn Baby
Modern Family

About the Facilitators

Connie Lambeth


Doula, Student Midwife, Former Montessori Teacher
Parent of 2

Connie could talk about birth and parenting all day, and so she does.  Luckily she's a Birth Doula, and a Student Midwife.


Katie Rice

KT photo.jpg

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Teacher-in-training

Parent of 1

Katie's a birth geek, lactation enthusiast, and a former early childhood educator.  In her spare time, she enjoys showing birth videos to unsuspecting friends and family.


Rabsarris Arreaza


Birth Doula, Postpartum doula, Childbirth Educator

Rabsaris' practice is rooted in the belief that we all deserve access to education and community resources. She is especially known for her love of support (and preparation!) during the postpartum period.


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