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For an easier, more comfortable birth

While I understand this may not be for everyone (and that is perfectly okay!), I am a huge fan of the Hypnobabies program. It is both a complete childbirth education program and birthing method in one. Birthing parents who use this program learn how to put themselves in a deep hypnotic state so that they can relax fully during the birth of their baby for a more enjoyable experience.

This program requires time and a certain amount of dedication, but for many, the results are worth it! Because of my belief in this program, I have become an affiliate, so if you click the links below to purchase a Hypnobabies class, I will receive a portion of the sales as a commission. I encourage you to do some research before purchasing this program. I am also happy to talk with you about my experience with using Hypnobabies for my own birth. 

Once again, I want to stress that it is totally okay if you know this program is of no interest to you. I enjoy being able to support a wide range of births both medicated and unmedicated

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