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Pre + Early Pregnancy Class

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When I ask my clients how their appointments have gone, one of the most common answers I hear is "meh."

In the span of an average pregnancy, you can expect to see your care provider about 13 times. This may seem like a lot until you start having appointments and realize there isn't really a huge amount of time geared towards education and support. 

In addition, many practices in the area are made up of a few different providers. Put all these factors together, and you might find that you don't receive the amount of support you would expect for such an important time in your life.


If you are thinking about getting pregnant or have recently become pregnant and are unsure of what to do to prepare, this virtual, two-hour mini class has been designed just for you.


In this 2-hour virtual class, I will talk about:

  • Bodily changes that occur in pregnancy

  • Mental and emotional changes in your loved ones and yourself

  • What Baby is up to

  • Tips on how to have your most healthy pregnancy

    • nutrition education​

    • environmental toxins to avoid

    • stress reduction techniques

  • How to choose the best provider for you

  • Where to give birth in Madison, WI*

  • How to select support people for your birth

  • Pregnancy warning signs

  • Decision making during pregnancy, birth, and beyond

  • Time to ask a certified doula and childbirth educator questions

  • An opportunity to meet other pregnant people and build your parenting community!


*Although this class is geared towards people in the Madison, WI area, the majority of the information provided is relevant wherever you are!

Not quite what you're looking for?
Check out my other classes!


You've read the books, taken the classes and made your birth plan. But what might the birth actually be like and what should you actually do when your labor begins?

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


This comprehensive group childbirth ed class will cover pregnancy, birth, postpartum, newborn care and infant feeding. Everything you need to know to have a great pregnancy, birth and beyond!

The purpose of this class is to introduce those in pre-pregnancy or who are newly pregnant to concepts that will help them have a more pleasant and informed pregnancy and birth.

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


As a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator, I have been trained to provide high-quality, evidence-based childbirth education. I truly believe it is the KEY to having a great birthing experience. 

I understand it can be a big investment to pay for classes, so I encourage you to request reimbursement from your insurance provider or use a flex spending card if you have one to pay for classes. I also offer flexible payment plans. Please contact me for more information!

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