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Six Creative Ways to Fund Your Birth with Confidence Tuition

Real friends gift Birth with Confidence!

Are you considering taking the Birth with Confidence Lamaze class but are unsure of how to pay for it? I get that. Once you’re expecting a baby, there are suddenly tons of things you now need to pay for- clothes, a crib, stroller, feeding supplies, DIAPERS?!

It’s a lot, dangit!

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, taking a quality childbirth ed class like Birth with Confidence is an investment in your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Expecting parents who take my class leave feeling more informed about their options, better equipped to make important decisions and communicate with their care providers, more mentally prepared to navigate various birth scenarios, connected with other parents expecting babies, and overall, more confident in their ability to birth their baby and navigate all that comes afterwards.

Knowing the benefits of this class doesn’t make it any cheaper though. That’s why I’ve highlighted several unique options you can consider when determining how to pay for this class. It is my hope that anyone who wants to take this class has the ability to access it. Whether you’re looking to include it in your baby registry or work out a barter agreement, here are some practical and flexible ways to fund one of the most valuable investments you will make for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Option 1: Add the Class to Your Baby Registry

If you’re setting up a baby registry, consider adding the Birth with Confidence class as one of your items! Friends and family looking to support you on your parenting journey can contribute towards the cost of the class instead of, or in addition to the plethora of onesies, crocheted blankets, and pacifiers that seem to just appear at your doorstep. For real. It’s a phenomenon. Let’s harvest that energy and get you a free Lamaze class! And while you’re at it, go ahead and add birth and postpartum doula services, meals/take out, housekeeping, and babysitting to the list!

Option 2: Check Your Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans cover childbirth education classes, so it’s worth checking with your provider. You might need to provide some documentation, like a letter or superbill, but a little research and a phone call could lead to full or partial reimbursement of the class! I have a document you can use as a starting point. Just reach out and we can at least try!

Option 3: Use Your FSA or HSA Card

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to use those funds to pay for your class. Check with your account provider to ensure the class qualifies and that you have the proper documentation. I do accept this form of payment as long as your provider approves it!

Option 4: Set Up a Payment Plan

I understand that paying the full class fee upfront may not be feasible for everyone. The last thing I want is to cause financial stress for someone trying to take this class. To help make the cost more manageable, I am happy to offer the option to set up a payment plan.

Option 5: Sliding Scale Payments

If you’re unable to pay the full class fee, I offer sliding scale payments on a case-by-case basis. 

Option 6: Barter for the Class

An oldie, but goodie- Bartering! We can discuss exchanging the class for services that would be helpful for me and my family. With two littles of my own, services such as house cleaning, help with laundry, organization, lawn and garden maintenance, and meal prep would be great places to start.

I’m also looking for:

- a native Swahili speaker to practice with/tutor the family

- help with revamping my website

- handiwork/repairs around the house

- date night entertainment such as tickets to events, concerts, or shows

- homeschool materials for a preschooler

These are some options that immediately come to mind, but I’m open to exploring other skills or offerings that can match the value of the class.

Plus, we can mix and match any of these options to come up with a plan that works for us!

Bonus Option: If you are not in need of a childbirth ed class, but appreciate the value of one and would like to sponsor a student, let me know! 

As you can see, I offer a diverse range of payment options.  If the full tuition is inaccessible to you, please email me at so that we can develop a payment option that makes taking this class possible!




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